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The Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) Toolkit for Processing

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SMT :: Simple Multi-Touch Toolkit for Processing

Latest Release: 4.2
Latest Pre-Release: 4.2a1
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SMT (Simple Multi-Touch Toolkit) is a project to support the learning of HCI concepts. It provides an easy to use library for processing sketches to handle touch input and associated matrix and drawing functions, to allow quick development of the desired application.

SMT supports multiple input sources for Touch events:

SMT can be used on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux systems.

Installation Instructions:
1. Install Processing 2.2.1 if you do not have it already.
2. Processing Menu bar -> sketch -> Import Library -> Add Library
3. Search for smt in the I/O category, click Install
Alternatively, you can download SMT from our website or releases page, and install it manually.

Javadocs for SMT are available at

See the processing api at for a complete list and documentation of all available processing functions.

If you have problems running SMT, first test that the Processing examples work ( File -> Examples -> Basics ), if they do not check the troubleshooting page for solutions (

Next, try some of SMT's examples. You find them in the Processing IDE's examples browser under Contributed Libraries/Simple Multi-Touch (SMT)/.

If you still have problems, please open an issue ( to report the problems you are having, and we will try our best to help you find and fix the problem.

Authors: Erik Paluka, Kalev Kalda Sikes, Zach Cook, Dr. Mark Hancock, Dr. Christopher Collins